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An excerpt from the letter written to Marcello Ciai’s community, during the period in which Monsignor Mario Ceccobelli had mounted the exhibition of the Sacred Shroud.


Ponte Felcino, September 1st, 1990.

Brothers in the Lord,

We have met in October 1983 at the occasion of the exhibition on the Sacred Shroud in my parish. Immediately a great friendship has been established.
Your radical choices have made a deep impression on me. I found in you the freshness of the Gospel, which already belonged to Saint Francis. I have welcomed you with total willingness. It was the beginning of an acquaintance with several occasions above all with Marcello. I have been more than once as well at the Rocca as at Gaiche. You have asked me to help you to comprehend God’s will.
I have pressed for you to write your experiences and this gave birth to a small manuscript entitled: “Fragments of a work of Lord Jesus.”

This title : “Fragments of a work of Lord Jesus” mentioned at that time by the present Bishop of Gubbio Monsignor Mario Ceccobelli, subsequently has been changed in:

Books on a prophetic work risen in Assisi more than thirty years ago, that will involve the world.

Cardinal Ennio Antonelli

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