"Sacred Echo": when God wants to get our attention, God doesn't just whisper once and move on. The message comes to us in echoes from many sources and in many forms…
So the Californian journalist Cathleen Falsani defines "Sacred Echo" in her article on Massimo Coppo at the time of the Conclave:
Sacred Echo" presages Pope choice
by Cathleen

Here how the place of prayer is risen in the center of Assisi with the name of Sacred Echo.
Every night and in every season Massimo Coppo sleeps outdoors dressed in a sackcloth and barefoot under the porticoes of the Basilica of St. Francis. Under the porticoes, mainly in the evening, people come also to speak with him, and to pray. Late in the night also Marcello Ciai arrives, the man who thanks to God in 1980 founded the community of which Massimo was part from the beginning, and then in 1991 the Association Iaca. Because of this precarious health and the rigor of some winter nights, Marcello and Massimo addressed question to the City council to have a small space where they could withdraw to pray: a plea for help for a sick person, which was accompanied by an attentive gesture of the municipal administration. It has been restored with diligence, the old and unhealthy abandoned ex-urinal, which certainly bore no luster to that suggestive stretch of "San Gabriele dell' Addolorata" Street, under the "Piazzetta delle Erbe". It was transformed into a small but suggestive chapel, certainly of non-noble origin: but also our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory, was born in a stable! This place attracts the attention of many Italian and foreign tourists and pilgrims: they photograph it and shove tickets with prayer requests in the slot that was prepared on purpose in the wooden door, demands that Marcello and Massimo honour praying there in the night.

On February 5, 2015 Marcello sick, asks Massimo to go just him alone into the night from the porticoes of the Basilica of Saint Francis in pilgrimage to the Sacred Echo, to do this right for Marcello.

had complained before with him, because sometimes he felt lonely and suffering also due to the cold of these winter days and he had confessed that sometimes he was crying. Despite the rain Massimo fulfilled Marcello's wish of the pilgrimage to the Sacred Echo and here's the message that arrived to Marcello at two o’clock in the night from the part of Massimo:
2:17 Found this ticket at the Sacred Echo: "In my heart, this evening, I think and I pray for all the lonely people, who suffer and who are crying. Amen." !

had put this card into the slot of the door where there is written: "Put here your request of prayer"

We believe that this is a real miracle of the love and the mercy of God. Thank you, Jesus, our Lord, may you always be blessed, praised and loved with all our hearts!